Resource 1. random story generator

All you need to start is a character and a location. Then you can use the Random Story Generator to help write your amazing story.

1. Point the mouse towards the bottom of the picture to reveal the story prompt.

2. Click the right arrow to get to the next prompt.


OK, dive in!

Resource 2. write and get published

7 of the very best online writing resources for kids who want to get write and get published. If you are a teenage veteran or just starting out, you'll find quick tips and a wide range of activities, games, places to blog and submit stories, art and poetry. 

Everything you need - right here.

Resource 3. A to Z of writing ideas

You know you want to write a blog, or get ahead as a journalist or feature writer, but you don't know what to write. Here is an inventive and practical A to Z of writing ideas from Dany Iny, a genius who has turned these ideas into several successful businesses. 

Download your very own A to Z guide here.

Resource 4. get money for your creative ideas

Wouldn’t it be great to build your YouTube platform on someone else’s dollar? Or have your book paid for? Brendon Burchard is an author/speaker who has mastered the art of making promotional partnership deals with leading companies and organisations.

Want to get sponsored? Download your masterplan here.

Resource 5. 60 ways to grow your online influence

60 leaders. 60 seconds each. This guide is packed full of secrets to help you create valuable content that people actually want - YouTube, blog, eBook... The sky is the limit. Each of the 60 expert tips is quick, and entirely possible.

Find out how to create things people want. Download here.

Resource 6. 80+ ways to make money writing

It's great to write, but it's better to get paid for writing. Newcomer or master, here are insider tips, fresh ideas, web links, new markets, inspiration and encouragement from veteran author and blogger Beth Fowler.

Get paid for writing. Download here.

Resource 7. stuck for words? not anymore

President, movie star, best selling novelist, online influencer, entrepreneur. Or maybe you have a persuasive writing assignment for school. At one time or another, everyone needs the right words to sell their idea or project. This free eBook from successful writer Brian Scott offers over 2,000 powerful words and phrases to use in just about any situation, ever.

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