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November 2018.

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Ellie Sparrow and the Great Fire of London:

Sizzling adventure story for girls ages 9-12


Every kid has a spark. A light, a fizz, a flash of brilliance. And like every kid, Ellie Sparrow has all that spark – she knows HERO is an action word. Ellie’s story offers VIP access to London at a time that is both fascinating and heart breaking. You’ll get to eat the food of the time, find out how people lived and died, and meet a courageous woman who did business in a man’s world.

Finally, you’ll be whisked away to the court of King Charles II and learn his great dilemma. Will he be persuaded to stop the execution of an innocent man? Despite the wishes of powerful Londoners who are baying for blood. 

I hope you enjoy reading Ellie’s first adventure as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Claire Vorster

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Want to know more about Ellie's next adventure, set up a school visit or find out how to make a tree house? I can help you with the first two, and other stuff. We could work together on the tree house... Get in touch below. That means you too kids!