Ellie Sparrow and the Great Fire of London:

Sizzling adventure story for children ages 9-12


Ellie Sparrow's summer gets hotter by the minute! This adventurous 12-year-old girl just stumbled upon an ancient secret in the ruins of a monastery destroyed by agents of King Henry VIII. Now she must fulfil an age-old promise as she becomes helplessly entwined in lives and events surrounding the Great Fire of London.

Forced to live on her wits, Ellie discovers the resilience of friendship in this teeming, chaotic, somewhat menacing city. When the Great Fire catches hold, Ellie’s world shifts again, perilously this time. Difficult choices have to be made, choices that will propel Ellie to the court of King Charles II. Can Ellie’s presence be the key to saving the life of an innocent man?

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Claire Vorster answers questions from kids


Why do you like kids?


You can’t stop the wind.  It’s a fact.  If you try, the wind will find a way around you. Equally, you can't stop a kid on a mission. 

I work with kids on a mission to study English Language and all kinds of literature. All the way from the basics of d-do-dog, to Shakespeare, Ishiguro and García Márquez. We also tell stories. The most recent stories made up by students that I teach feature -

1. A ship's captain. He is from Afghanistan and will never see his family again.

2. A monster snake who is chasing a robot dog, after having found the dog's hideout in Switzerland!

3. A famous football player who is trying to teach his 5 year-old son how to play the game.

What's Ellie Sparrow all about?


Ellie Sparrow is also a kid on a mission. She knows HERO is an action word. Thank you for reading her first story. Between you and me, I think she may find another secret door before too long. I wonder what she will find on the other side?

What is one of your favourite things a kid wrote about history? 


“Henry V111 had six wipes because he was greedy. He did as he liked and shouted at the pope. Then he closed down all the churches and built his own. He married Ann illegally and then everyone found out that he was a menace.” Tamzine, age 7

OK, anything for the adults?

Claire Vorster is a professional writer and CELTA qualified English Tutor, working with children aged 7-18 studying at United World College of South East Asia and many others. She is a member of the Oxford University Press Research Forum.


Claire specialises in writing, editing and product development for businesses, magazines, publishers and online markets in SE Asia, the US and UK.  Her clients include Compassion, Thomas Nelson Publishers [J.Countryman], international schools, UK universities, DirectAsia and Microsoft. Claire is equally at home with web applications, social networking, including Facebook and Twitter, list building and all aspects of SEO.

Claire's writing is currently featured in a book by Financial Times columnist Professor Heather McGregor.



Want to know more about Ellie's next adventure, set up a school visit or find out how to make a tree house? I can help you with the first two, and other stuff. We could work together on the tree house... Get in touch below. That means you too kids!